time to start one of these

Published April 7, 2014 by Jackie

I decided that it might be good to have my own blog, perhaps just as a place to keep a ‘note to self’.

Mostly it will be about knitting. And choir. Why? Well why not, I say! Apart from family ~ far away family ~ these are the things that are important in my life right now.

I’ll start with a diary of my week, beginning April 1st 2014. A busy week. Monday 31st March was one of those nightmare days, for reasons I can’t discuss at the moment, though I’m sure all will become clear in later posts. But thankfully I had a week of busy evenings ahead of me.

1st April saw me at the Lyceum with my friend Bill, for Union, a bawdy romp set around the Act of Union in 1707. Bill was late, as ever! This time cutting it too fine to be let into the stalls until 10 minutes after the play had started. I was in the Upper Circle, and didn’t see him upstairs until the interval, and oops, no-one told him there was a lift!

We followed it up with the post-production discussion with the cast, who rolled out one at a time with bottles of water and pints of beer, looking quite different from their 18th Century garb, with wigs.  A very pertinent play for this year, and although this was only based loosely on fact, it made me glad that we are having the referendum in September, because if this play is to be believed, the people of Scotland had very little say in the Act of Union! Loved the parliamentary backdrop, one audience member likened the be-wigged backs of heads projected behind the actors as ‘sheeps bums’  ~ how very appropriate!

Bill is very pro-independence, possibly the biggest understatement of all time! But we both had to think before dropping our ticket stubs into the clear boxes by the door, the headers were ‘Aye tae Union’ ‘Nae tae Union’ and ‘Dinnae Ken’

April 2nd I was over at Festival Theatre, my friend Moira had been sent an offer for Compagnie Kafig ~ a dance troupe who mixed boxing and kick-boxing with hip-hop street dance, with accompaniment by a classical string quartet. They deserved much better than the quarter-filled stalls, I do hope the audience was bigger on the previous night.  We’d missed it on the programme totally, it wasn’t properly advertised ~ edtheatres should have filled the place with school kids for free, in my opinion, but maybe they tried. We’d bumped into Keith and Sharon on arrival, who were there on free tickets, so maybe the theatre did what they could in a miserable cold week.  Super super show, non-stop for 90 minutes from 7 or 8 dancers and 4 musicians.

April 3rd, my second visit to the cinema this week, and I’d be back again next day. While researching screen times for Friday, I’d noticed that it was the last evening for Yves St Laurent, a French bio-pic of the noted designer. I’d seen a trailer the previous weekend, it looked well worth going to see. It covered his early days, from the early 1950s as assistant to Christian Dior, to the mid 70s and the establishment and success of his own fashion house. Hedonistic times, and a frank portrayal of his life, plus what looked like original clothes (or remarkable reproductions) and authentic locations, including the stunning La Majorelle in Marrakesh, which I visited once a few years ago, a place of calm cool reflection in a city I named ‘The Gates of Hell’

April 4th saw my 3rd visit to Filmhouse for a movie in a week! Back to see 20 Feet from Stardom again. A friend had seen the trailer, and fancied seeing it, but I hadn’t realised this, and had gone to see it with Moira the previous Saturday, using my prize from Filmhouse of 2 free seats plus a meal for two (early lunch with free frambozenbier ~ we’d had to go early and we got turfed out the back door after the movie, big premiere for Noah later that afternoon with Russell Crowe there). Was quite happy to see it again, it felt like the sound-track to my life, and I was utterly enchanted by Lisa Fischer’s vocal range, and wanted to hear more. We left the film in great spirits and walked home, having just missed my bus, and it was a great way to end a difficult week. (I should point out I was rather disappointed by the album I downloaded later that weekend however, a lot of music in the film wasn’t in evidence, and although there were some original recordings, not the ones I’d hoped for)

That’ll do for a first post, and to my surprise, very little about knitting or choir! 



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