I got flowers today

Published April 9, 2014 by Jackie

In my last post, I mentioned a couple of toddler sweaters I had made this Spring, and today I those toddlers came in bearing gifts, a beautiful bouquet and a thank you card too.

(my horrible useless laptop does not want to insert my photo here grr, I will try to edit this post tonight ~ meanwhile there’s a pic on Twitter!)

Two very special children, they are adopted siblings, and for the moment, I won’t even ask to plaster pics of them wearing their sweaters all over the internet. If I am sent images, I will ask if I may crop and use, but I know it’s just not appropriate at the moment. There are finished pics of the jumpers on Ravelry, just not of the children wearing them.

The little boy, I can see, will not be wearing his sheepy jumper for long, but his sister will get use of it too when she grows a bit bigger. I already had to re-work the neck of his sweater, he has a big head! I think the next venture needs to be some kind of zip-up cardi instead!

I chose Pinneguri’s Angry Sheep sweater for Boy ~ I helped Ann earlier this year with her translation of the pattern to English, not that I can speak Norwegian, but more I checked her grammar for English publication. And by co-incidence I had decided to cast on just as it was published.  I ended up with some very cute sheep round my yoke, worked in a boucle wool.  Girl’s jumper was my own take on the sweater worn by Katie Morag in the new TV dramatisation of Mairi Hedderwick’s childrens’ stories.

I never knit gifts with the expectation of receiving anything other than thanks, and knowing that those handknits are both appreciated and worn.  It is even rarer for me to take on commissions, I knit what I feel inspired to make, and often it is with a recipient in mind, but not always. Sometimes those co-incide with making something someone wants, and other times, I just am not inspired, and too often those projects are abandoned.  Some remain lurking in my conscience, and eventually get finished… others not, I’m ashamed to say.


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