bring your knitting!

Published April 14, 2014 by Jackie

yesterday (Sunday 13th) saw me with tickets for a lecture by Doug Allan, the wildlife cameraman, in the Lyceum, Edinburgh. I was going with my friend and colleague, Joan, and she invited me round for tea before we went. More on Doug later, but ‘bring your knitting’ she said!

Now you might think that’s a simple statement, but to someone who knits as much as I do, there are many considerations to be made. Firstly, it needs to be something that’s not bulky (ie will fit in a handbag that needs to be stashed under the seat with my coat ~ that immediately ruled out my Freyja cardigan. I might only be two balls in to the body, but it’s getting a bit unwieldy. Plus I have reached the waist shaping, so can’t just knit away.

I’ve just finished a sweater ~ very bulky, very cosy too. As I finished the sleeves I had the body laid out across my lap like a blanket, so it had gone nowhere since I finished the polo-neck! While I was knitting that, my portable project was a cowl for a colleague, a leaving gift. But I’d just finished that too, and it’s now blocking before a quick press and gift-wrap on the train to London.

Do I want to start something? Definitely not. Well there’s a single sock lurking in my wips? But that requires attention to get it started, and then has tiny cables running up the sides….

Vivid squares? nope, they needs some planning, as my 2nd skein of undyed yarn is very different to the first ~ I think! It would help if I got the squares out and compared them.

Once upon a time, knitting was simple ~ you found a pattern, bought the yarn, knitted until it was finished, then thought about the next project…. those days are long gone!

Hmmm I know! My pink Valkyrie is the one, I’m about half-way through the second ball of 4, so it’s not quite reached the unwieldy and awkward stage yet. It’s also been waylaid by other projects meantime, and it would be good to move it on a bit. Sorted! It’s now back in my bag as regular bus-knitting too, so might even get finished on this week’s London trip, with 9 hours of travel time there and back.

Later: more on Doug Allen. If you are a fan of Attenborough wildlife programmes, the big ones like Blue Planet and Life, you are bound to remember some of Doug’s film footage. Orcas working as a team to create surges that knock seals from small ice-floes. Polar bear mothers bringing new cubs out of their dens. He seems to specialise in extremes, Arctic, Antarctic, isolated places. But he’s a very personable chap, and had no problem filling almost 3 hours, a very enjoyable evening indeed!


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