Rip it up and start again!

Published May 1, 2014 by Jackie

Today’s earworm shall be thus… I remember hearing that song playing as I made my first ever attempt to hang wallpaper! Now I think on it whenever I frog a project.

Lots of frogging in advance of last week’s yarny party! I knew it was a good chance to reclaim some cables and needles, and stitch-markers, as well as a good chance to clear out yarn I no longer wanted to have hanging around. Any yarn left on the table would be donated to a community hospital group, and to a knit-friend’s teacher friend’s school, if that makes sense.

Of course my intention was to come back with nothing at all, but well, that was never going to happen! I probably wrote about it in my last post, so I won’t go on at length!

Last night though, I ripped out the project I’d started at the weekend, and began again with a yarn better suited to the recipient, or rather, the recipient’s mum!

I’d discovered that I’d mis-stashed some Jamieson’s aran yarn as Soft Shetland with better metreage, and had earmarked a pattern that would use almost all of the supposed metreage. Imagine my dismay when I correctly re-labelled the yarn as Shetland Heather Aran, specially as I had been gifted the pattern! So I had decided to use it to make a little sleeveless gilet for a friend’s daughter ~ I’d found a pattern almost identical to one her mum wears. Way too stiff and harsh for a toddler however, so after reaching the armholes (top-down) I decided to try again, and have put the Jamiesons to one side.

I’ve started again with a pale blue Rowan Aran, superwash this time, and very soft. It’ll not be the same as mum’s gilet, but the style is right!

Meanwhile I found 3 balls of ‘for trade’ Jamiesons on Ravelry, so it is in the post, and I’ll get that little jacket I wanted to make, in a slightly bigger size this time.

Oh and the other thing about re-starting projects? You get to improve on the pattern! I added a slip-stitch to the edge of the collar-band this time, it makes for a. a neater edge and b. easier to pick up the stitches! don’t understand why it’s not there!


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