I dream of socks…

Published May 7, 2014 by Jackie

For some time now, I’ve been thinking about a pair of socks I saw somewhere… or did I? I am now thinking I imagined the whole thing, because I can’t find an image of said socks anywhere!

Of course it really doesn’t help that I don’t tag my favourites on Ravelry, and there are currently over 2700 items in my favourites list, and only 31 of them have a sock tag! (note to self here, tag a page of untagged favourites a day, in your lunch-hour, starting tomorrow)

Didn’t really matter tho, because I have had that basic idea of what I want to achieve in my head. So when I went out for #yarnshopday last Saturday to Be Inspired Fibres, and Mei placed a ball of grey Navia Faroese sock yarn in my hand, it all came together in a flash. So as well as my Cascade Heathers purchase (for different colourwork socks) I bought two balls of pale grey and one of white Navia.


Next day was our regular fortnightly Sunday meet at Bon Papillon. My friend brought her pattern along for me to test-knit, and yes, I cast on, got the toe knit, and established the pattern, but when I got home, the Navia was itching to be knit, so the test-knit is to one side for the moment, and Navia snuck on to my needles. No pattern, thought I’d wing it!

The first foot got off to a bad start, I thought I’d picked up 3.5mm dpns, but only discovered much later that the one needle I checked in my gauge scraped through the 3.5mm hole, but really, they were 3.75mm! No wonder it was too big!

I re-started with 3.25mm, and this time it was the foot length that was out, however, I took out a few rows and got the heel re-worked in no time. A few rows later I was ready to think about bringing in the second colour, so a quick round to switch onto 3.5mm dpns, and out came my Fair Isle motif books, particularly my old dog-eared former-library copy of Traditional FairIsle Knitting by Sheila McGregor.

The beauty of most (all?) Fair Isle workbooks is that all motifs with the same stitch count are together in the book, so I just needed to find the right page and pick a chart.

I had an even number on each needle, that was where I started, but most motifs are based on odd number counts, so there is symmetry around a centre point. 15 with 1 stitch between motifs? Or 17 with a single stitch increase on each needle.

Less than 30 minutes later, 15 rows of a snowflake chart were knit, and then it was a case of a few more rows to finish, and not wanting a rib, I just added a stretchy cast-off and done!

Second sock time now, and no messing about this time, just dive straight in with the stitch numbers and needles that worked out!

Casting on at 7.30, by bed-time I was past the heel (mind you, I go to bed very late!) and next morning managed the last 5 rounds on the bus to work. I’m now ready to start the colourwork again, and suspect this pair of socks will be finished tonight!


2 comments on “I dream of socks…

  • that’s very nice of you to say, especially as its your sock test-knit on hold! sorted the Ravelry link, however the post seem to appear twice each on my home page

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