Encouraging or incorrigible?

Published May 8, 2014 by Jackie

I’d been thinking about what my next blog post would be about, probably yarn and the purchase of… or more about the projects I’m working on, and just 5 minutes ago bumped into my friend Fiona on our respective ways back to the office from lunchtime errands!

As is to be expected, chat soon turned to talk of yarn, and Fiona mentioned that my mention of Drops Baby Alpaca Silk arriving in the post had been enough to make her think ‘Hmm I need me some of that too!’. (She’s already waiting for a jumper’s worth of Drops Lima to arrive, plus more! However, I will say that Fiona does actually knit these jumpers, unlike me, who stashes for a rainy day and/or retirement)

Did I mention there’s a worldwide Drops sale on at the moment? We have another knit-group friend, Ruth, to ‘thank’ for posting about that one…. Yeah, thanks Ruth! Honestly, what a group of enablers we are! You’d think that natural fibres were scarce, and not a sustainable resource! And I suspect that our knit-group alone has made a significant impact on world trade, let alone the British wool trade. This, however, is the only down-side of modern social knitting that I can think of at the moment, everything else is a plus.

I’d started the year by yet again saying I planned to reduce my stash! For months I had a suitcase full of the yarn I’d bought last summer and autumn, waiting to be used or stored, but really just hidden from my cleaner… Trips to Dublin, London, Shetland and a day’s magical mystery tour all conspired to fill the kind of suitcase you take on holiday, ie the kind that meets the 20kg capacity for hold luggage. EEEK! Granted there were only a few kilos of yarn in there, but I was forced to do something about putting it all away when I needed the suitcase at Christmas time.

So once again, I started with a resolution to buy no yarn, and knit only from stash. Ha! Lasted a month or so… and the down-side of putting things away is you forget what you have and then do what I call stash-skimming ~ buy it, log it in your Ravelry stash, then cast on right away…. sigh

I just looked at my projects page ~ I’ve started and/or finished just short of 25 projects since the start of the year, and only 3 of them are with yarn that’s been in my stash for a year or more.

OK so my birthday is coming up in June, I’m going to challenge myself, for the rest of 2014, for every new project started, to either make or finish one item from the box of yarn and abandoned projects I set to one side last month, specifically the OLD YARN ones! And I really ought to clear the other works in progress before starting anything new too.

And I promise I shall post my progress too… but can I start this new resolution from my birthday please? NO? Ok, how about from my birthday month?


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