Deep (stash) diving!

Published May 12, 2014 by Jackie

So I promised I was going to do some deep stash diving, mostly into the Box-of-Frog, and that I would report my progress here. I’m still working on my little blue toddler gilet, and that has been my social knitting of choice this weekend. A couple more cables will see me ready to start the sleeves.

But there are more babies on the cards this summer and autumn, several already here, and last year’s babies to celebrate their birthdays.  A wee ponder on Saturday had me thinking about how many items I need (three, maybe four) and as I’ve been eyeing up Ysolda’s Wee Liesl pattern for a while, and it has sizes through to age 3-4, I decided that I could just make several Wee Liesl in different sizes. One (make that two!) newborn… one 1yr, one 2yr, why not throw in a 6-month or two while I’m at it! None of the mums are connected so won’t know it’s the same cardi again and again.

Pattern duly purchased, I knew exactly which yarn to dig out first.  I’ve a ball and a half of something deep pink that I picked up at a previous knit-group yarn party ~ no labels, no nothing, Sarah had thought it might be a bamboo mix.  So I started with the age 2 size, for a baby about to be 1, but barely fitting 18months at the moment.  Am already closing in on the hem, except I managed to knit a whole repeat without the pattern row, so had to frog back 4 rows late last night, oops.

Next shall be a newborn size, using the second skein of NDS Dazzle HT Blue Faced Leicester that is making a Vivid blanket.  And the third will either use a pink Fyberspates skein from the latest yarn-party, or something else from my deep stash, maybe another pretty variegated Dazzle with its lovely cottony feel.  And then Moira tells me she is to be a granny again… come October… so that one can wait a while! (but I have some lovely bright red alpaca that just might be perfect for Christmas-time)


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