Far too busy to work…

Published May 12, 2014 by Jackie

I’ve just been updating my Outlook calendar at work… however, it’s been with all the events in my social life! I might not go out much of a weekend evening these days, but midweek more than makes up for that.

Yesterday there was a tweeted photo (actually I think I saw it as a re-tweet by Matthew Bourne himself) of top dance picks in the Sunday Telegraph. Four dance events listed, and I have tickets for two of them as they tour! YAY!! Scottish Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet is in Edinburgh in 10 days time, and in a month, Moira and I head over to Glasgow for Matthew Bourne’s Lord of the Flies, as Edinburgh is not on the tour.

Now that I’m no longer back-up for tomorrow night’s Choir outing to Madama Butterfly (phew, not the biggest opera fan out there) I’m still going out, to this month’s offering from Lyceum, Pressure, with my pal Bill ~ lets see if he arrives before the curtain goes up this time?* (I’ve told him it’s a legal requirement ~ do you think he gets how irritated I am by this?) Pressure is the true story of a Dalkeith weatherman who decided the fate of D-Day, thanks to his meteoroligical predictions. (*see update at end of this post)

Friday past saw me down at the Brunton Theatre in Musselburgh for the final night of Tie Up Your Fingers, about the herring girls and the great storm of 1881. Not ashamed to say I wept my heart out at the end, 129 men lost at sea, only 30 bodies recovered ~ and half way through that awful final scene of the impact in the community back on shore, I suddenly realised it was also the anniversary of my brother’s death in 1997, the sea never gave up his body either, but very different circumstances of course.

And today, I put my next visit to the Brunton into my calendar, we’ve been trying to find some way to celebrate birthdays, Lesley and Moira are celebrating within a few days of each other, next week or thereabouts, and mine is a month later, so the three of us usually get together around this time. Lesley has also invited us round for tea, as her partner Andrew is away for her birthday. So we’ve decided to head back there and see the National Theatre’s Live (Encore) screening of A Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night.

Phew! what a full calendar for the rest of the month. The wonderful thing about living in Edinburgh, is that the world comes to you! We have Festival tickets booked for August, and some into the autumn season too.

Just remember, you’re a long time deid!

*edited to add: I had asked Bill to be at the theatre for 6.30 (that’s when parking restrictions end here) and he arrived only a few minutes later at 6.45, having told me at 6.35 that he was searching for the elusive parking space. Excellent, I said as he arrived, we’ve got loads of time for a drink before the curtain goes up at 7.45! He did admit later that arriving early, having a drink and a chat was a whole lot less stressful than driving round and round at 7.40 when everyone else was arriving… Result!


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