About not feeling guilty

Published May 16, 2014 by Jackie

It’s funny how we change as we get older, isn’t it? I was just chatting to some friends over an impromptu lunch meet-up, and mentioned that there are weekends where I realise that it’s tea-time on Saturday, and I’ve not even got dressed yet!

Once upon a time, I’d think how sad not to be going out on a Saturday night, but now I rather love pottering around the house in my pyjamas, doing this and that, then curling up on the sofa for a good knit session. If my toes get cold, then some hand-knit socks, or the pink blanket comes out.

And I particularly love the weekends when my lovely cleaner has been, and I really don’t even need to potter round doing washing and housework, I can just sit back and enjoy the tranquility of my home.

I sometimes think I ought to feel guilty, but frankly I don’t. Nor do I feel bad about not inviting people around. My home is where I escape from the world, I get absolutely no pleasure from cooking dinner for myself, let alone playing hostess to anyone else. And even tho I thought things might be different after my major home/life declutter and flat refurbishment, now that five or six years have passed and I find myself living the same lifestyle, but just in a tidy environment, I don’t think that is ever going to change now.

If you’ve been reading my other posts, you already know it’s not as if I never go out ~ I am out more than a lot of people I know, I just choose to do my socialising mid-week. And I have no problem being in my own company, much as I enjoy the company of others.

So in this busy world we live in, don’t be afraid to shut the door and take time to recharge your batteries. Frankly everyone else is worrying too much about themselves to take the slightest bit of notice of me!


One comment on “About not feeling guilty

  • I so agree! I’ve stopped feeling guilty about PJ days! Although I don’t necessarily admit them to everyone (like my parents – mum would be mortified!)

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