Published May 19, 2014 by Jackie

Let’s face it, I might want to, but I simply cannot knit all the things! I have (way too much) yarn already, and a head full of ideas. And I don’t have a bottomless pocket, but I wish they were a little deeper or my arms a bit shorter so I wasn’t quite so tempted. I’d have much more time if I didn’t  need to work to fund my yarn habit, but needs must and I need a salary. Mostly to pay for my yarn habit.

Once upon a time, we looked at patterns or books, we bought yarn, we knit, we wore or gifted, we thought about the next thing to knit, we looked at patterns, we bought yarn, we knit…. you get the picture?

Temptation! It’s all Ravelry’s fault. Oh and PayPal too, far too convenient!  That’s it, blame anyone else except yourself and your complete lack of willpower, eh?  Now, there’s temptation everywhere. An idle moment spent on Ravelry, and there’s a new pattern favourited by your friends, or a new finished project, and if you avoid Ravelry to avoid temptation, then there’s still Twitter, Etsy and Pinterest! (okay I don’t use Etsy and Pinterest that much, and I suppose it could be worse, because I don’t even go anywhere near that BookofFace so many people are on.)

So this weekend’s temptation: the Jamieson & Smith Colourbox ~ 8 colours selected by J&S each year, for a special prize at Voe & Cunningsburgh shows.  That’s alright, I hear you think, those shows are only open to Shetland residents, surely? True! And much as I’d like to, I don’t live there yet.

Only someone on Ravelry suggested having a virtual show, open to anyone in the J&S Ravelry group. Except I don’t have any of those Colourbox colours in J&S yarns, oh maybe half a ball of one, but that’s all.

But that hasn’t stopped me investigating how much the yarns would cost to order from Shetland, and suggesting sharing a shipment ~ or even splitting the balls! But 3 hours have passed, and I’ve not given in and ordered….. yet. That’s something in itself.

So I shall go home, investigate my Shetland shoe box (actually it’s at least 3 shoe boxes, and they are shoe storage boxes not cardboard shoe boxes…) and see if there’s something I could use for a design that would be show-worthy, but just not in the colourbox colours. There are certainly enough ideas buzzing round my brain today, and more than enough stash to satisfy the most determined colourwork knitter.

Except there’s bound to be just one colour I really, really need … and there’s the slippery slope all over again!


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