It’s not me!

Published May 27, 2014 by Jackie

This weekend I went to Birnam! Just a flying visit, arrived in time for lunch on Saturday, left at 5pm the next day. And what an excellent time I had there!

My friend Joan has just bought herself a static caravan there, in a very nice site called Erigmore. The fixed caravans and lodges are set in the lovely grounds of a large house up above Birnam village, no more than 20 minutes slow walk away. And although yes, they are definitely caravans, they bear little resemblence to the caravans I stayed in as a child, or the ones you get stuck behind on single track roads. I think this one was better appointed than my flat, and not much smaller than it, either!

I know how long it took to walk because we timed our second walk up the hill, after a fantastic night out at the Birnam Arts centre, to see the fabulous Mull Theatre Company’s take on Whisky Galore. (Well I cannot resist a wee bit o’ culture when it’s on the doorstep, can I?)

And the caravan was barely a couple of hundred yards from the historically renowned Birnam Oak. Here are some photos from our Sunday walk.

The sign in front of this tree reads “It’s not me, I’m a Sycamore”. A bit further on then….

The Birnam Oak

Finally, I impressed myself with this arty shot of some lichen on a broken branch.



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