Vivid update

Published July 21, 2014 by Jackie

I’ve been focussing on various Vivid squares recently, partly because I’ve been too busy and Vivid is such a Zen activity, mindless yet not, but portable too.

I finished the aran weight St Clements, and am just waiting for the person, who can get it to my friend for her new baby, to come back from her own holiday. I think it will be handed over in the next few days. Here’s a pic of it, and I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out.

I can now knit the lace centre in around 45mins to 1hr, undisturbed, and about the same for the garter edge, so let’s say 3hrs tops per square! On bigger needles and thicker aran yarn, it really didn’t take many squares to make a buggy/cot blanket.

While my nieces were here on their annual visit, I wanted to swatch for needle size for a sweater/cardigan for the eldest, and had tried a simple swatch with Rowan Tweed Aran on 4mm, but the fabric was too dense, so I then had the brainwave of trying to make a Vivid square with the yarn on larger needles (5mm), just to get a feel for the fabric it produced.

Youngest niece saw it and asked if she too could have a blanket! (we are definitely a lap-blanket family) I can only get one square per ball, but can squeeze out a couple of extra rows on the garter band to make the best use of it. Here’s the result!

And how about a size comparison? The Aran Tweed squares are about the size of an LP, near enough 12″, the Aran ones slightly smaller, and the Denim ones smaller again. Here’s a pic where I’ve put the same cd on each. My 4-ply squares are about the size OF the cd, (before blocking, that is)


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