Published July 31, 2014 by Jackie

I’m not a great writer of lists, or maybe it’s that I’m not a great reader of lists once I’ve actually written them. Is the process of writing a list all that I usually need to organise my mind? Possibly, but probably not.

I’ve been feeling a bit swamped by my projects lately, this happens every now and then. So yesterday, during an exceedingly tedious meeting, where I could see that my notebook was not in view of the video camera (I’ve finally learned how to focus and zoom) I started writing a wee list of the things I must finish, start, or start and finish, before the end of the year. It was only a spiral topped notepad, so not very big, but in less than 5 minutes I had reached the bottom of the page and was going back to categorise things.

I chose 2 categories: ‘active works in progress I ought to finish off’ and ‘I really want to start this soon, I have the yarn all ready to go!’

To be fair, the lists were pretty equal in length, and probably most of the WiPs just need me to pull my finger out, sew in a few ends, and a couple of buttons. But my chronic start-itis sees me casting off one thing only to cast on the next, if I even wait that long.

I always have a few deadlines, random birthdays, Christmas and leaving gifts that I foolishly impose on myself, small things, y’know, but these sneak into my project and disrupt all my best laid plans.

But every other Thursday evening, I find myself tidying up and filling my storage space with bags of yarn, projects that don’t have impending deadlines, before my lovely cleaner comes. And the next evening, after she’s been, I’m pulling things out again, left right and centre to find this or that!

I suppose I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed by those projects at the moment because I know I won’t have a huge amount of knitting time this coming month. Maybe I need to take a day to sort things out before it all kicks off. I’ve even bought a couple of underbed boxes to try and make order of it all, so that’s a start!

Yes, it’s August now, and the start of the Edinburgh Festival, and for the next 4 weeks I really just need a small portable project that I can a. knit on the way to & from work b. won’t take up too much space in my handbag c. can be picked up for some ‘unwind time’ when I get home late in the evening too. Is that one project, or is it two?

Vivid can certainly be my portable project, I now have definite deadlines for two of them, a December birthday, and a May wedding. At the moment I seem to be focussing on the May wedding Vivid, but that’s mostly because the yarn is easier to work with on hot days, being cotton. But if the weather changes, I could easily move to the other. So that’s the portable project sorted…

Unwind at home with what though? Colourwork hat that is needed (make that wanted) for early October trip to Shetland… The other (Quotidian) colourwork hat that is buzzing round my head right now? Fiona’s sock test-knit? Just one would be enough to get finished.

Maybe the best thing is to just finish up the projects I can finish quickly, and not start another project until I have finished 3 things! I need to sleep on this, it seems.

Any handy and helpful hints gratefully received!


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