Published August 4, 2014 by Jackie

How to resolve list issues? Delete delete delete!

I think some of last week’s list anxiety was brought about by not finding inner satisfaction with my pattern and yarn choices for gifts. Gifts that no-one was expecting me to either make or give, but gifts I wanted to make and give, nevertheless. And adding to my projects was simply stressing me out too much.

What changed, I hear you ask? Simple. Firstly I deleted the Ravelry projects that were not satisfactory, and ripped out ones I’d started that weren’t working, and will throw the yarn in the proverbial box of frogs that’s by the back door. It will re-surface one day as something else entirely. And secondly, I got such good feedback from the second hat that went to London as a leaving gift! They are much appreciated at least.

It also helps hugely that, meantime (over the last few days), I have created two beautiful hats for two colleagues who will leave soon, so I’m now ahead of my game. Not only that, they are blocked (where appropriate) and are ready to wrap!

And while I am loving the thick teal Rose Red that I’ve made, I am also resisting temptation to even see if it matches one of my favourite shawls. I can always make it again in a heartbeat if I want! And the lovely Cape Cod grey Rikke, with the grey alpaca pom-pom, is just so pretty and ethereal, and perfect for the recipient.

Happy Happy Joy Joy, as we sang in Mika’s Salon on Saturday.

Oh and while I’m reporting progress, another 4 squares of the denim cotton Vivid are completed, so making good and steady progress there, I think 40 now, out of 64 I’m aiming for.

I’ve picked up Fiona’s sock, and hopefully will turn the heel fully today, and then it becomes easy bus-knitting for a few days.

My dear friend Moira has, on the other hand, presented me back with the socks I gave her a couple of years ago, and asked if I could darn them? Ah no, but having found the bag of yarn I used for them, I WILL cut the threadbare feet out to a point where they can be recovered, and work some interesting new feet, probably some reinforcing colourwork across the ball of the foot where the holes are just now, to match (as best I can) the colourwork round her ankles that is still pristine. (I shall post my progress on these, and fully document with photos too)

To be honest, I am touched that she loves her socks so much that she wants them mended. That’s true friendship for you, she deserves to have them fixed.


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