still missing!

Published September 26, 2014 by Jackie

I thought I’d update on the last post, as things have moved on a wee bit

Firstly, I’m still trying to get through the day without having my knitting with me, and still feeling like I’m missing something important. But although I carried it with me on Wednesday, I didn’t actually do any knitting out of the house at all, therefore why did I have it? (There’s an elderly lady gets on at my stop on Wednesdays, and always sits down for a chat, then my Chi Gung meditation at lunchtime, and finally, I was a week out with plans to meet friends in the pub, doh!) But managed Thursday without, and have none today, either. Once again, out straight after work.

THE sweater? I’d frogged back, and last night stayed up late to get the yoke finished, so that’s all the other colours done (for the moment anyway), and then stayed up later to ‘just finish what’s left of the ball, and join in a new one… and then just a little bit later again to get to under-me-oxters! It was close to 3am when I went to bed!

But now it’s plain sailing all the way! I shall knit this large ball just joined, then work on the sleeves on dpns, and finally, knit til I run out of yarn or have a length that works.

The other good bit of news. Think I mentioned that my last foray, I’d bought what the website would allow, only 3x25g of the dark yarn. I think/hope enough for 3/4 tunic sleeves if I make patterned cuffs? But a quick personal query to the suppliers, and they said they had enough left to send me some more. But the weather is expected to be bad over the weekend, so they don’t think it will leave the island til Monday now. Somehow that just fits in with the whole ethos of this sweater.

I hate to think how much I’ve actually spent making it. But it’s been in dribs and drabs, and I still have a LOT of other colours to work with. I shall cost it up! And appreciate my lovely, special sweater all the more!

ps just to add to that cost! I’ve been using my 5mm KnitPro dpns on a different project recently, and noticed that one of the 5 needles is a 5.5mm! Eek! I don’t really care for that project, but prefer all the same size for this one. Mei found me the last pair of 5mm dpns in her shop ~ they are special bamboo, and long (at least 12inches). She says they are much nicer than the usual bamboo needles, they have surprisingly sharp points, but she’s never been able to source them again, so thanks to her for letting me buy them


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