and October’s over!

Published November 4, 2014 by Jackie

Look here, Jackie, October has been and gone and you’ve not blogged about anything that happened, time to put that right.

And yes, October was such a busy month, starting with a holiday in Shetland, and ending with our choir performance, and everything else in the middle, including (shock/horror) work!

So I started a post about Shetland, but it seemed to be a bit blow by blow, I’d written loads, and was still only on Tuesday. So that has been abandoned for the moment, tho I may go back to it. Needless to say, lots of wool was purchased, some brands that are new to me (Uradale Chunky), some I’ve had before (Jamieson’s DK and J&S 2-ply), plus some aran bargains from both; and from NeilaNell, a fabulous and funky cardigan and a lovely huge hank of handspun in sharp acidic colours that I found in a large sweetie jar (how appropriate for me).

And above all, lots of knitterly goodness in book form. I came back with four lovely books, Gudrun Johnston’s new Shetland Trader, Stella Ruhe’s Dutch Gansey book, (finally) Mary-Jane Mucklestone’s Fair Isle Pattern book, and a wee book from Uradale (possibly the only one I shouldn’t have bothered with, ach weel). There was also an interesting wee freebie book from the Textile Museum about the Moray Firth Gansey project, which had reached Shetland for Wool Week.

But surprisingly, and probably because all my books were in carry-on hand luggage, I was still under the limit by a good 5-6 kilos… phew! Tho I doubt I could have fitted one more ball in my case. At least I didn’t resort to having the wool shops posting purchases to me, I know it’s logical but it kept me in check! (like going to the supermarket, I only buy what I can carry, perhaps one of those things that become habit when you don’t have a car)

More importantly I came back with lots of ideas, and a whole new cowl project started and almost finished (99%)… The yarn and a concept for another, already started. And plans are taking shape for yarns that were a chance purchase from the bargain bins. Then there’s an idea for a hat I saw in the OilBoom exhibition, tucked in a corner (perfect for my Foula leftovers).

What has surprised me is how few things I have been to since my return, despite feeling exceptionally busy. One concert (Persian Classical), and two cinema outings (latest movies from Billy Connolly and Timothy Spall respectively, recommend both for different reasons).

But I suppose I’ve also squeezed in a 4-week meditation class, and a couple of choir rehearsals before our end-of-term concert. And now that’s choir over for the rest of the year, apart from our social night later this week, it leaves such a huge hole, but 4 or 5 extra evenings for Christmas knitting…. phew! I think I need the rest that those evenings will give me!

So what have I done since I returned? Hmmm… I finally finished the purple Vivid blanket, final few squares drying off, just need to sew together… the Foula cowl I knit in Shetland is done and almost dry, just in time for the cold snap. A colourwork kindle cover that’s a wee bit big (for a colleague/friend leaving work who expressly did not want a hat!). Moira’s sock-mend (just need to kitchener a toe together), oh and a quick pair of man-socks for my brother at Christmas)

Is that enough? NO? Oh okay then, I’ve also been rattling out more aran weight Vivid squares, but will I need to make the same number again? (Sigh, I want to move on now…. I shall lay them out before deciding, but not convinced that I don’t need another 10 or so more)

that’ll do, pig!


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