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Published February 11, 2015 by Jackie

… I love that little phrase that pops up when I press ‘new post’. Sometimes I come here with a clear idea of what I want to write, and other times, those three words buzz into my brain and I think ‘what shall I write about today?’.

My last (written) post was quite sombre, but it raised some interesting comments. I think that mid-winter is a reflective time of year for me, it probably is for a lot of people. But enough of sombre things and time to think of spring, and spring knitting!

What’s ahead? A couple of requests, enough to put me off the two garments I have on the needles just now. One is dk, and at the tedious point.. sleeves done, bottom of cardi done, it’s now about 4 inches, and a good 14-16 to go until I put it all on one needle and work the more interesting yoke. It’s in Spindrift dk, so not the softest of yarns, and I can’t quite manage a row on the bus… am ringing the bell with 10 stitches to go, and I seem to have forgotten it more often than not. Just need to knuckle down!

And another top-down, that the colourwork (interesting bit) is done and I need to take it off the needles to see if I need to knit more before I put stitches to one side, and then if/how to add bust shaping. And am I happy with the colourwork? probably not, if I’m honest with myself.

Then there’s an almost-finished cardigan for a 4-yr old, and a newborn size that needs the edging, and particularly the button-bands, re-worked, probably on a size down.

I’ve just finished and handed over a couple of Icelandic yoked sweaters for my friend’s grand-daughters. She brought me back some yarn from her trip to Iceland last year, and I finally frogged the plain garter cardigans that I’d started, in favour of some patterned yokes. Then a colleague spotted the one, and well, would I be able to re-create for her Frozen-mad 6 year-old daughter! I shall start soon ~ luckily the pattern I have works from ages 2 to 10.

I’ve just finished sewing together my bright Vivid. I need to get that into the post, and just not bother with the cushion, or follow on with it at a later date.

And now I need to co-ordinate a blanket for a new baby at work again. This time, the mum-to-be has contributed to several blankets herself, and does embroidery herself, so it’s not going to be a surprise but is going to be very welcomed. I have a snippet of tapestry wool from her, and have found something in the right green palette. Her ‘lime’ is my ‘pistachio’ so it was as well that I asked.

I need to put together something different that people of different abilities can manage, and also some total novices can add a few stitches to at the very least. So primarily garter, in squares or long strips that can be sewn together, and single colour. Oh and a heavier weight too… I swithered today over a better match to her colour in 4-ply pure wool, or paler, but still in the right tones, in Aran. I went for the latter, both were in the sale. I might pop back and get some of that 4-ply for a wee cushion too though. (but I probably have more than enough in my stash!). Unfortunately, my stash just didn’t have the right thing for this blanket, so a purchase was called for. I’d been looking at the Drops sale, but instead I’ve found something local, albeit from a department store.

Pattern? I’ve decided to use a modification to Pinneguri’s Eva baby blanket, but shall break it up into squares, so that the more experienced knitters can knit a square with a leaf in it, and the less experienced focus on simple garter stitch. I hope that will work.

Why? Because it’s all about the knitting, and keeping my hands and my mind occupied!


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