hurrah! and socks….

Published February 18, 2015 by Jackie

I was frustrated for a few days there, when I discovered that my blog posts weren’t updating to Ravelry. I noticed a post or two on For the Love of Ravelry about this, and commented that I was having issues too. Couple of days on, and the lovely Christina, with the splendid job title of ‘Enhance-o-tron’, stepped in as super-editor and tweaked my link to fix it.

Seems there had been a wee change at WordPress, and while the link on my Ravelry page would take me directly to my blog, there was no automatic update back the way. I couldn’t see the one-letter difference in the URL, but I blame my eyesight!

Given that most of my readers come to my blog from Ravelry (and probably the majority of those are people I actually know), I’m very grateful that this is now fixed. So I can now get back to linking my posts to my projects, hurrah!

Today, though, it’s all about the socks! I am wearing new socks that are not hand-knitted, but WILL be appreciated by all the knitters I know. I go to a lovely meditation group that is led by the daughter (Sam) of a lady who was in the lunchtime chi-gung class I used to attend before the office move. Sandra (the mum) also goes along to the meditation group, and couple of weeks ago, she was wearing some fab socks.

Now I have long since decided that life is too short to not pass on compliments, or fish for info, if you see someone wearing something you like, even if I’m talking to a total stranger. Only last week I collared a lady who had walked past me, and while we waited at the crossing, I asked her where her fab polka-dot oilskin back-pack came from, and found out it was a Fossil bag that Santa (aka her husband) bought in John Lewis!

Back to the socks! Sandra’s socks were from the sale in Wilkie’s, which is not a shop I’ve been to since it moved to Morningside from the city centre. She had bought a couple of packs for herself, and offered to get some for me. When Sam brought them a couple of days later, she explained that they only had the pink/grey combo left, and rather than buy two identical packs, she just got one. But if I wanted a second, she’d trade some of her as-yet-unworn purple/grey mix and get me a second pack. Wasn’t that nice of her? I sent some money back with Sam, and the next pack was handed over on Monday. She’d even haggled because they were a different price! Anyway, at 3 pairs for £5.50 it was a no-brainer.

Just a moment while I take my shoes off and take a photo of my socks….

sock photo

see! Wasn’t it worth the long convoluted tale?


2 comments on “hurrah! and socks….

  • glad you think so… I’ve take a photo of the other two colours as I’ve put them on on the days since I wrote the post, and then I began to doubt myself. Really? blogging about shop socks? If you’d like to see them, just ask and I’ll get my phone out (if I’m not wearing them of course!)

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