to fix, or not to fix, that is the question….

Published February 26, 2015 by Jackie

So I blogged the other week about lost automatic links of my blog to Ravelry. Those have been fixed, though my posts run in a strange order, and they don’t go back any further than August. What I have lost, though, is the link between blog posts and projects on Ravelry on MY page. The links on projects tabs are still there, so if someone clicks on blog posts for a Ravelry pattern, or my project, they will be taken to the post.

But they aren’t appearing on my main page, and as Rav can only find posts going back to August, it seems it’s not going to be possible to fix. I’ll just have to hope that most people will have read those posts by now. Ah well, never mind.

Welcome, however you got here, thank you for reading my ramblings, hope you find them interesting.

Not a lot happening at the moment, I’ve been focussed primarily on my own health, a lingering cough, drug side effects, and the like. I’ve given up on the prescribed Statins, this time after 12 days. The Metformin lasted a month. Both made me feel really unwell, like I was coming down with flu, tho the Statins also seemed to induce some Type 2 symptoms that I’d not experienced at all in the four years since my diagnosis. I might give in and try them again, but perhaps later in the year when I’m not weighed down with winter lurgies.

One thing I’ve been doing is having regular Shiatsu/Seiki sessions for the last two years. Just half-an-hour once a month to keep me ‘topped up’. I sought them out as an alternative to the heavy medication that was becoming necessary for my frequent and quite severe headaches. They were appearing more and more, and lasting longer and longer, and my doctor had reached the point of prescribing co-codamol and valium together, to try to relax my back-muscles ~ a vicious circle of headache causing back tension causing more headaches. I could almost set my watch by these headaches, lasting either 48 hours or 72, only eased by regular intake of high-strength ibuprofen.

But I think I could count the number of severe headaches I’ve had since starting shiatsu on one hand. Quite a transformation, and really not much more expensive than the ibuprofen I was getting through.

Around the same time, I joined our wonderful choir, and a bit later, I took up chi gung, a really gentle exercise form that just gets your blood circulating! And in the last 6 months, an hour of meditation a week… (yeah yeah, pay good money to sit in a dark room with your eyes closed, don’t knock it.)

Now folk say singing is good for both your mental and physical health, it certainly is ~ that’s something I won’t be giving up quickly.

But I’m putting the shiatsu on hold for a few months while I undergo an intensive series of Reiki.
I had an amazing session a week ago, and think it’s a case of ‘can I afford NOT to do this?’

On Saturday I felt amazing, (until the cold activated my cough again, and I’ve not stopped coughing since, bah!) But yesterday I realised I’d been wearing flat shoes all day without any of the heel pain that normally accompanies flat shoes. And I just have this feeling about Reiki… that it will do me a power of good, and I’d be a fool to turn away.

I am a firm believer in the right thing finding you, that you don’t have to go looking, it will place itself in your path when you most need it. But maybe that’s my relaxed outlook on life? I’m most definitely not a go-getter, that’s for sure. But I don’t wait for life to come knocking either, I certainly learned my lesson there.

But I’ve always looked on alternative therapies with a certain amount of cynicism, and if I’m honest, they’ve all had a positive effect on me. And they’ve certainly not turned me into a wearer of tofu-sandals and pleather boots with plaited underarm hair. And while prescription drugs make me feel very unwell, I don’t deny myself painkillers and cough medicine.

But I do have to admit one awful thing…. half-way through my Reiki session, I realised my phone was still in it’s usual place, not in my handbag, but tucked in my bra! Oops! I was mightily relieved that it was the therapist’s phone that beeped on the night, and not mine!

I shall report back, so watch this space!


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