I’m my own worst enemy!

Published March 4, 2015 by Jackie

A few weeks ago, I finished a toddler size Icelandic sweater for my friend’s grand-daughter. I took it to work, and showed it to a couple of people… (It was designed by a woman in Iceland who wanted to make something, inspired by the Disney movie Frozen, for her daughter.) And I was asked if I could make one for a 6-year old too, seems that everyone’s daughter is Frozen-mad? I had suitable yarn, and it’s worsted weight, how long could it take?

Too damn long!!! is the simplest answer. 6-year olds are a bit bigger than toddlers, aren’t they? It has lace instead of rib, no problem, 8 rows only, took no time. But it was only when I’d knit the first sleeve that I realised I was unhappy with the bottom of the sweater…. I’d made a wee mistake on the first sleeve bottom, and it looked so much better that I repeated it on the second, and then I wanted to knit the body again. I didn’t rip, just slowly knit from the top end of the body until it was all undone.

Of course the problem with this jumper is it was only ever going to get really interesting when I reached the yoke! I’m almost there now, and the sleeves are finished, I’ll be putting them all on one needle tonight. But it’s felt like the longest time getting there…. The reality? I actually only cast on two weeks ago!

I’m hoping I’ll get this finished this weekend, or a couple of days after that… No, I’m really really hoping! Get the ends sewn in quickly, then finish another little child’s gift, and then it’s time for some proper ME-time!

The next project has to be for me, and it has to be something different. I’ve a couple of ideas, and the yarn is already in my stash, and I know exactly where it is too! It will be a slow knit, I’m sure, a fingering weight long-sleeved tunic, in a very large size, but I’m hoping it will be inspiring enough to finish quickly ~ it has multi-coloured stripes! (as in 2 different wildly variegated Wollmeise yarns…)

It’s also going to be TOP-DOWN! Really, designers, if you are reading this, why isn’t everything top-down? So much easier to take sleeve stitches out of the equation and knit later, than join 3 parts together and work round some awkward corners for a few rows… AND SO MUCH EASIER to make things longer in the body if you need to! My niece’s Nordic sweater taught me that much…

Of course, now I am itching to get home, and it’s only 1pm!


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