It was the best of times….

Published March 18, 2015 by Jackie

… full stop! No need to continue with the rest of Dickens’ quote, there was no worst of times here, that’s for sure.

The aftermath of the Edinburgh Yarn Festival… Yarn Party to end all yarn parties! Until the next one, that is ~ there will be a next one, won’t there? I know, I know, you need a rest now, Jo and Mica, but just a hint of a knowing smile, even if you stick with that 2-year calendar…

Seriously, I had the best of times! I got exactly what I wanted and needed from EYF, (despite some rumours I heard that I’d not enjoy the full experience by booking so many classes, so don’t worry on that account, my friends!) I knew that my health has been too unpredictable of late to volunteer at the event, and a recent blip has proved my point: that’s it’s a younger, (or fitter) woman’s game.

I did my volunteering time in my 40s, different genre mind you, stuck in a cupboard while my friends were on the dance floor ~ ok I was the DJ, providing the music for them ~ but I feel I’ve done my bit, just sorry knitters that it wasn’t for you.

But if you can’t be a volunteer, be a participant instead, throw lots of money at it! I missed out on classes at the first EYF, but maxed out this time. I booked 3 classes, enough time to leave myself a slot for the market…

and of course, I’d be at the Ca-baa-ret! H O O O O L D M E B A C K!

The classes were wonderful, inspiring; the market place was seriously overwhelming, a real box of delights! But the best thing about it was the people.

The people who ~
~ came from ALL over the world, including a charming lady in my Brioche class who insisted that two weeks in London first meant she hadn’t come specifically from Australia for the event (aye right!)

~ chattered excitedly on the bus to total strangers they’d sat beside, but could tell where they were heading to because they were wearing hand-knits (seriously, there were 3 Epistrophieds on my bus on Saturday alone… and 2 Striped Study Shawls on Sunday, not to mention my monochrome Puffin Mantle)

~ are old friends, or new friends, or friends you hadn’t realised were knitters! Friends you saw last week, last month or last year; or friends not seen for 5 years tho you’ve chatted on Ravelry off and on, or from a totally different part of your life, unconnected to knitting; folk you follow on Twitter or who follow you, even though you’ve never met them before. People you sat next to in class that morning too!

Saturday evening, waiting for for the Ca-baaa-ret doors to open, seemed to be a flurry of interrupted conversations, as someone I’d not seen in years (or weeks) wandered by and had to be greeted. Then turn around and the person I was talking to had moved on, apologies of course, but I think you were all experiencing this too!

So I have reached 500 words +, and think I’ll stop and publish this post, and come back to tell you more about the Ca-baa-ret and Sunday in my next post!


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