Published March 19, 2015 by Jackie

I don’t believe in them, but I get a daily one emailed to my spam account. Sometimes it’s amusing to look back on them after the event…..

Here are my horoscopes for Yarn Festival weekend:

Your schedule is packed with social plans, and you’ve been looking forward to them. (and then it went on…. There may be some confusion when it comes to the role of some other person — maybe a friend, or your significant other (if you’re seeing someone). They may have an entirely different agenda, but they may not be sharing it with you for some reason. Ask for some clarity to avoid impending conflict.) irrelevant!

There’s a lot going on right now, and the odds are good that you’re quite the social butterfly, flitting from person to person and party to party. Settle down for a few moments, so a particular conversation can be more enlightening. Putting your head together with someone else’s gives both of you considerably more brainpower — and then some big, confusing matter turns out to be a piece of cake.

maybe this last phrase referred to my Brioche class the day before? it WAS a piece of cake, and I’ve already cast on my first Brioche project

You love experimenting to find new shortcuts that can save you a few minutes in the middle of your commute, but more than that, you love gathering your tribe together. That’s even more true right now, even though you all know perfectly well that you might regret all this tomorrow. Accept that that you’ll be yawning tomorrow afternoon. Share the new shortcut with your people,and at least you should all be able to give the snooze button an extra slap.

Hmm well I could regret all the extra Twitterers I’ve followed, I seem to be spending much more time than usual there, or at least this week!

Now I could read all kinds of things into those sentences, but the bits that made me laugh the most were the ‘social butterfly’ ‘gathering your tribe’ and the ‘yawning tomorrow afternoon’ ~

I was quite the social butterfly over the weekend, as you might have spotted in my last post. And I was certainly more interested in gathering my tribe on Twitter on Monday, than I was in my work, I think I followed about 20 more people and they me! And by the end of the Monday I couldn’t stop yawning, went home and had an hour’s nap, waking at precisely the time I should have been starting my meditation class across town!

(ps these horoscopes are always sent the day before, but I was still a wee bit confused about whether the yawning was meant for Monday or for Tuesday)


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