Alternatives? Part One…

Published April 17, 2015 by Jackie

One thing I don’t do is live an ‘alternative’ lifestyle. I don’t eat particularly sensibly, tho I have cut out a lot of junk sugars over the last few years. I don’t do exercise, tho since our office move, and the recent arrival of Spring to Edinburgh, I have taken to walking home, but it IS downhill all the way, and only 20 minutes.

But over the last couple of years I have been trying one or two of what I call ~ thanks Miranda ~ alternative therapies.

I shall give you some background to this first. From the age of 25 I’ve been a martyr to migraines, most probably the common type, rather than classic, but I’ve had those too, and visual migraines, which I much prefer ~ those come and go for me within 20 and have never been a pre-cursor to full-blown migraines of any kind. What I experienced were headaches that lasted either for 48 or (latterly) for 72 hours, that responded to high levels of ibuprofen, but were always still there when the drugs wore off. I could function well enough, especially if I could work from home, as travelling on public transport was made difficult. All I required was stillness, a calm environment. And just occasionally, for the classic migraines, a darkened room and sleep.

I’m getting older, the foundations of my general health are getting a bit more wobbly now ~ I’m aware that things are not as they used to be. I’m sure much is about menopause, it can be physically debilitating to go through without some support, and I’ve also developed Type 2 diabetes around 4 years ago, which until very recently, I’ve managed to avoid medication and controlled through dietary changes ~ not huge ones, but enough.

However, around 2 years ago I started getting migraines that simply would not shift. My back muscles would become rigid with the pain, and my GP went so far as to prescribe co-codamol and valium combined. No way was I going to function as a normal human being on that cocktail. She also recommended finding a physio or (a chiropractor or an osteopath ~ I can’t remember which now, and she said to avoid the other one).

What I found instead was a Shiatsu practitioner, just round the corner from my office, and he was able to see me the very day that I contacted him, within a few hours. I had a couple of hour long treatments and they seemed to be doing good, so within a few weeks, I’d decided to drop down to regular half-hour sessions, about every 4 weeks to a month.

Sometimes, I was told, we experienced Seiki in our sessions, beyond shiatsu, something deeper.

Here, an aside to the audience, and from the Healthy Life Centre’s website, what is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a type of Japanese hands on body work stemming from ancient Oriental principals. Like western massage it uses pressure, stretches, holding, joint mobilizations and rocking to affect the physical structures of the body. It also works with the body’s ‘Life Force’ known as Ki in Japan. Shiatsu has positive effects on the body’s physical structures and the internal organs, but also, the emotions can be touched and helped to heal. Shiatsu is a therapy that addresses all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

And Seiki?
Seiki can be deeply relaxing but can connect with life issues at a deeper level.
Seiki is about eliminating unwanted energies, it can assist in affecting change on physical and emotional levels, help move life’s issues into a more clear perspective and help the re-establishment of harmony. Seiki unravels the everyday pressures that push us into physical and emotional distortions. Seiki focuses on the here and now, helps eliminate confusion, aids healing, helping us to let go of our physical and emotional problems.

So sometimes, the way I read it, the physical massage would move something in my emotional being as well.

Around the same time, I had the very good fortune to join a choir, and then a couple of months later, I joined a the lunchtime chi-gung class at the centre, then in the last year, I’ve joined a wee meditation class there too.

And the bottom line is, I started to feel so much better! What was working? Does it matter, maybe it’s one thing, maybe it’s another, maybe it’s all of it together? Don’t knock any of it, just carry on!

I’m a great believer in what’s right for you will present itself to you when you need it. This has been true of many things in my life, and maybe the reality is this: that the things that have not presented themselves to me are simply not meant for me. Or at least not yet!

Why am I telling you all this? I was asked today by another therapist if I could write about the treatment I’ve been having with her lately.

So I shall publish this post now, with the promise that my next post will be all about my Reiki treatments. Have a lovely evening, peeps, I’m off for a Reiki session right now!


One comment on “Alternatives? Part One…

  • Thank you for my hugs, but I had to comment here to say thank you for shiatsu. I must do a post about it, as it’s been a big part of my migraine-management process. I’m down to one a month in a good month and Amanda, my shiatsu practitioner has been a big part of this. So, thank you for sharing your experience of that, because it came into my life at just the right time.

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