June is over

Published June 30, 2015 by Jackie

Well today is the last day of June, and that’s the year half-done. My birthday is 2 weeks past, another year older another year wiser? Maybe not… The best compliment I got this year was that I neither look nor act my age, so that’s a relief. I’ve proved that my hair isn’t actually as grey as I thought it might be, after several years of hard-core colour is finally grown and cut out. And I’ve started a new beauty routine at night, proving you’re never too old to change the habits of a lifetime! While it’s hard to tell if this routine has changed my face, one thing is for sure, my elbows have never been softer, from the excess night cream rubbed there!

I’ve given in to an increase in my diabetes medication, though I am still taking half the dose my doctor recommends ~ I did this slowly and watched for side effects, and one day realised that my vision was better on the day I took a tablet twice a day instead of just one.

Good news is my blood-sugar readings have been falling each week, from 14.8 to 11 to 10.4 to 9.3 to 7.4 this morning! (aiming for 5!) That last reading is despite missing some of my meds due to the fact I was rattling from so many pills for a summer cold, or rather the headache the congestion had caused…

~~~~ that’s my life progress, but what about my crafts ~~~~

I didn’t do an awful lot of knitting with a headache, but I did get my lovely Arrowhead cardigan finished, and am very pleased with it. It needs a steam block with an iron, and some kind of fastener to close it at the neck (I’m thinking a metal toggle of the kind used in jewellery, I have a few sets to choose from). The cardigan is just a wee bit shorter than I’d have liked, it sits on the top of my hip, but the sleeves are longer than the pattern suggested, so it’s a decent balance. I was pretty good at judging when to start the edge and how much yarn I’d need to add a stretchy cast-off ~ only 2+ metres of yarn left from two full skeins of Wollmeise Blend.

It’s put me in mind to knit more simple lace, more on that later.

I also finished Eleanor’s snuggle jumper yesterday. It’s a bit of a mish-mash, I used every inch of 8 balls of Limestone Twilley’s for the garter body, and three of Coal for the sleeves and bottom rib, along with one ball of Flint for the neck. I won’t sew in ends until she’s tried it on, hope it fits, I think it will, and that she likes it, but it’s a jumper to wear around the house over PJs, to snuggle in, so I think she’ll okay it. That’s 12 balls to deduct from stash!

I’ve been sensible and deleted a couple of recent projects from my page that weren’t likely to happen any time soon ~ one a toy, feel bad, just I’m not a natural with toys, and one a wrap, pending, not started, feel no guilt there, except about buying the pattern.

Being not very sensible (1) and bought “artisan-roasted” yarn from Old Maiden Aunt ~ her description not mine ~ she had a small fire in a dye-pot left on the burner, lots of smoke damage to stock, nothing serious, no-one hurt except a few bank-balances buying said smoke-damaged stock at a reduced price ~ of course it was easier if we each wash our purchases than if Lilith had to re-wash the entire stock on the shelves. We’re very accommodating that way, us knitters! (ahem did I mention I went back for another purchase, well I couldn’t leave it there on the shelf for Lilith to wash!)

Being not very sensible (2) and put a birthday wish out for ‘clown-barf’ Wollmeise colours, and one wish being granted, a skein of Martha has landed from Finland. Of course this kind of birthday wish involves handing over money… We’re very accommodating that way, us knitters!

Being not entirely sensible (3) and buying a pattern for a triangular shawl when you’ve vowed you’ve knit a life-time of triangular shawls, but this one is the very singular Mahy from dear Karie Westermann ~ and I have the very yarn for it in my stash ~ if I’m honest, I pretty much have the yarn for anything in my stash!

Casting on? I’ve only cast on one thing this week, and that was another freebie pattern, this time an Artesano pattern called Paloma. Short-sleeved top, with a garter yoke and stocking stitch body.

There was a skein of dark Im Dunklen Wald in Pure Wollmeise just hanging around, already wound up, I think I found it in a box one day a while ago, and left it out to inspire me. Lots of black and bright greens, I shall pair it with Schwartz (black) for the body. If it works for my body, it might be the perfect pattern to use up variegated and matching skeins of Wollmeise.

I’m thinking Die Auster and Aquarius, Mauerbluemchen and Ballerina (or another purple) and one of those mad multicolours, like Martha, with Ooohm or Koralle. Just noting down ideas, folks!


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