Keep calm and don’t panic

Published July 31, 2015 by Jackie

Otherwise known as ‘It’ll be alright on the night’

I’ve been having a wee panic to myself, as always from trying to do too much at once, knit-wise, and from non-knitting life getting in the way of knitting. While I certainly don’t mind life getting in the way, because (other than work) it’s usually enjoyable things that are happening to me ~ y’know me, theatre, concerts, day trips, meeting friends, that kind of thing. And sometimes there are things in life you can enjoy AND take your knitting! Those things are good.

However, I had a few deadlines, and was beginning to panic (mildly, but panic none-the-less) that I could achieve those deadlines. One was missed by a week or so, but I’m delighted to say I finished the sewing together of our work’s communal baby blanket last night. The two wee jumpers I was making for a friend’s little girls I finished just the night before ~ and I shall hand those over next week. And I have enough flowers and leaves for our joint-project garland for Jane, assembling tomorrow, so that is a relief too.

I still have to create photo-tags for the blanket, but the images are all printed, and the luggage tags and glue bought… watch out for photos of the photos in situ, I hope the recipient is amused!

And suddenly it’s the end of July, and might it actually be time to think about Christmas gift knitting? Oh dear, but if I want to gift my nieces the sweaters they have chosen, then maybe I should start now? That’s good, the yarn is all in stash, just waiting to go. But is it realistic to start now? to be honest with myself, probably best to wait til the Festival is over, for ’tis that time of year.

So maybe just pick a wee project that’s easy to carry, requires no thinking, and can be knit while standing in the endless Fringe queues…. Laura, I know you’ll read this eventually, but I have finally found the perfect pattern for the lovely skein of Bermuda from Ginger Twist that you gave me last year. It will be paired with another special find to make something fabulous for me this time!

and I shall think about Christmas tomorrow, fiddle-de-dee! After all, tomorrow is another day.


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