… and the beat goes on!

Published August 14, 2015 by Jackie

Well I just decided to publish that last post, pretty much as it was written. I’d been pondering deleting, or radically editing, but what the heck, I re-read it and decided just to press the Publish button instead.

So now on to more of my Festival, a mixed bag, and there are still so many tickets to go. Saturday was a fantastic day, I met M after her morning rehearsal in DanceBase, and as we were heading to a show there mid-afternoon, we decided to pop across the road for a bite to eat. M mentioned that a dear friend of ours, who lives near Inverness now, was in town with her husband. Then L texted to say she wasn’t far away, she was in a pub up by the castle, and we were underneath in the Grassmarket, so they rushed down and joined us ~ or rather, L did, while her husband and friend said a quick hello before heading to a different pub. We had a great catch-up, must be all of 7 years since I last saw L, and she’s one of the loveliest people I know, so happy to see her and catch up.

Then M and I popped over to DanceBase to see some local dancers, and the first part was about the cycle of an enduring friendship between two women. How appropriate. The second part, also very good, was choreographed by someone we met on our way to lunch.

If you enjoy dance performances, you should always check out what’s happening at DanceBase during the Festival. They don’t brag, they don’t hype up the show, and also, they don’t over-charge either. But they do showcase both local and world class talent, and sometimes the local talent IS world class.

We dashed out of Dancebase to our show at the Traverse, and were delighted to find friends in the queue already, so we were in a good position to choose seats, rather than being separated and stuck in awkward corners. I mentioned the show in my previous post, so I’ll just say we enjoyed it again, and move on to the next….

A quick dash across town to the Festival Theatre, for Sylvie Guillem. The theatre was packed, after all it’s her farewell tour this year, and there will be no chance to see her dance again. I don’t think I’ve ever come across such a spell-bound audience, barely a cough. Sylvie’s performance was exquisite, extraordinary, breathtaking. How many superlatives can I throw in here?

Four pieces on the bill, Sylvie danced in three. The first and last were solo pieces, and in the third piece she dances a pas de deux with Emanuela Montanari. This piece, and the first, were my favourites. Although she started her career as a classical ballet dancer, these pieces were entirely contemporary, but beautiful. Even though the conversation and performance were in the first weekend, I think they are probably the highlight of my Festival, and I shall remember her performances for a long time to come.

My only other Festival outing this week was to a Cuban ballet company performance as part of the Pleasance Fringe. I think the less said about this one, the better… it was sorely lacking in comparison to Sylvie, hardly surprising. The music was so amplified it was even hard to tell if the dozen or so musicians were performing live, or miming, Top of the Pops style…. and the dance I compared to being caught in an infinite loop of cheesy Pan’s People numbers (if you’re over 40 you know what I mean!)

If only they had performed the entire show with the exuberance of their final bows, it might be a different story. But as it was, the only plus was the 2-for-1 ticket!

But there are many more shows ahead of me over the next 2 weeks, mostly International Festival perfomances ~ so watch this space!


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